Now 56 held for hiking at waterfall without permit

56 climbers were kept yesterday for entering the Setinggi cascade region close to Hulu Selangor without a license, said the Selangor ranger service division.

The climbers, matured 19 to 33, were confined during an activity nearby from 10am to 4 pm.

Information on the capture comes in the wake of a report that six individuals were fined RM5,000 each in Terengganu for intersection state lines to occasion at Pulau Redang, off Kuala Nerus.

Selangor ranger service division chief Ahmad Fadzil Abdul Majid said the 56 explorers were seized in a joint activity by the police and a group from the Hulu Selangor locale ranger service office.

“Occupants had griped that explorers had left their vehicles close to their homes, harmed water lines and garbage canisters, and had left junk all over,” he was cited as saying by Berita Harian.Fadzil said climbers were not permitted to visit the cascade and other sporting parks as Selangor was as yet in Phase 2 of the public recuperation plan, making their entrance into a long-lasting woodland hold without a license an offense under the National Forestry Act 1984.

He said each of the 56 climbers were taken to the Kuala Kubu Bharu police headquarters for additional activity.

He asked general society to adhere to winning guidelines consistently.

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