13km cycling, jogging track along Sg Bunus ready next year

The 13km bike and walker path along Sungai Bunus, between Section One Wangsa Maju and the Kuala Lumpur downtown area, is relied upon to be finished before the following year’s over.

Kuala Lumpur city hall leader Mahadi Che Ngah said work on the task was currently half complete, including a 5km path from Wangsa Maju to Taman Sri Rampai, which is presently open to cyclists and pedestrians.He said from Taman Sri Rampai, the person on foot and bike path will go through Ayer Panas to Jalan Semarak and Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, across to Jalan Tun Razak and afterward to Kampung Baru prior to finishing at KLCC by means of the Saloma crossing.

He was addressing Bernama at the plogging @ Sungai Bunus program, which was held related to World Rivers Day.The program was done under the “Sungai Nadi Kehidupan Local Agenda 21 Kuala Lumpur” project here today.

Plogging is a blend of running and getting of litter. It began as a coordinated movement in Sweden in 2016 and spread to different nations before long.

On the present program, Mahadi said 64kg of trash was gathered along the 2km stretch around the Sungai Bunus maintenance lake.

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